vendredi 24 mars 2017


Dear Sirs,
This is to introduce you to Driptech – the ‘Best Value’ Drip Irrigation company. Driptech products deliver the benefit of drip irrigation technology at much lower cost than the traditional system and hence, they offer best value for investment by farmers.
Driptech’s break through innovation of Laser-Punched Dripline created a new paradigm in drip irrigation. Laser punched drip irrigation systems run on low pressure, maintenance free and highly economical.
The company, originally founded in the USA now a subsidiary of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., a global leader in micro irrigation.
We offer a basket of products with which we can give cost effective drip irrigation solution for all types farm plots. All our products have ‘best value’ proposition to the farmers - top quality and performance at affordable price. We also have innovative products tailor made for small farm holders. All our products are made of high quality virgin plastic. The flagship products are:
 ‘Laser Drip’ : Drip tapes of with laser punched dripper holes at different spacing.
 ‘Laser Spray’ : Laser Punched pipe for water spray – used in place of mini sprinkler.
 ‘DT- Thin Wall’ : Driptape with flat dripper inside.
 ‘InstaKit’ : Ready to use semi assembled Drip Irrigation Kit. Available for plot sizes of
1 hectare (10000 m2) to 1/8th of an acre (500 m2)
 ‘DT -Gravity Kit’: Drip Irrigation kits run on gravity pressure. Available for plot sizes of half an
acre (2000 m2) to 30 m2
 ‘DT- Garden Kit’: Drip Irrigation kit for gardens (size: 10 m2 / 60 pots) running on gravity.
Our products have been well accepted by farmers not only in India but also in many other countries like Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Yemen, Uganda, Nigeria, Sri Lanka etc. Please see this video for farmers’ testimonial:
Driptech’s contribution in Drip Irrigation technology has been recognised in many forums:
 World Economic Forum 2012 selected Driptech as ‘Technology Pioneer’.
 The Tech Award honoured Driptech as Laureate for its innovative use of technology benefiting humanity in 2009
Our mission is to take this new paradigm of Drip Irrigation technology to the farmers all over the world. We will be happy to serve you and work with you to disseminate this wonder technology. Please reach out to us on (+91) 8007999363 / 94422773397 or, at or skype: goutamkdas
Thanking you,
For Driptech India Pvt. Ltd.
(Goutam Das)
Chief Executive Officer
Driptech India

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